Brain in the Head

Horizontal Atlas

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Coronal Atlas

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Sagittal Atlas

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Additional information

3 series of 1cm thick anatomical slices through the head.

  • Selected series of MR scans of these heads before sectioning are shown in the Atlas (pp. 12, 46, 74).
  • Slicing was performed in the horizontal, sagittal, and oblique coronal plane.
  • From the 1-cm slices, radiographs were made before and after injections of contrast media into cut ends of
    larger blood vessels.
  • The brain slices were removed from the skull and mounted according to their in vivo position to reconstruct
    and draw the surface of the brain (see the diagrams proceeding each of the three Atlases of the Brain in the Head).
  • The brain slices were then cut into 100 µm thick sections.


Considering the obvious need for a stable neuroanatomical nomenclature, see the consistently applied Nomenclature from the Atlas of the Human Brain and companion atlases of various animals as used by many experts in the field of neuroscience.

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