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PETRIDES M. AND PANDYA D. in: HNS2, p. 953: Anterior to the precentral gyrus, the gross morphology of the lateral surface of the frontal lobe is characterized by three horizontally directed gyri: the superior, middle, and inferior frontal gyri. The superior frontal sulcus is the lateral limit of the superior frontal gyrus. Rostral to its point of intersection with the superior precentral sulcus, the superior frontal sulcus runs in a more or less horizontal direction and in its rostral end approaches the midline of the hemisphere. Thus, the rostral end of the superior frontal sulcus is more medially located than its caudal end. The superior frontal sulcus is not a continuous sulcus but consists of two main branches that are either separated on the surface of the brain by an anastomotic fold or can be separated in the depths of the sulcus as can be seen in coronal or horizontal sections. Thus, one can speak of a posterior (sfs-p) and an anterior (sfs-a) superior frontal sulcus. Rostral to the anterior branch of the superior frontal sulcus, there may be an additional short sulcus that we have called the accessory superior frontal sulcus. The superior frontal sulcus is a deep sulcus that can clearly be identified in coronal or horizontal sections of the brain. Within the superior frontal gyrus, a number of shallow sulci are located approximately halfway between the midline of the brain and the superior frontal sulcus. Sometimes these shallow sulci have been referred to as the “medial frontal sulci” (e.g., Ono et al., 1990), but this is a misnomer as these sulci are not lying on the medial surface of the hemisphere. We refer to them as the superior frontal paramidline sulci because they are located next to the midline of the hemisphere in the superior frontal gyrus.

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